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Atlantica Groso Xtreme Clasic Cake for All System August 23, 2021 | 06:06
Triacman (Administrador)
Correct procedure to install and start AtlanticaGXC
Posteado on August 24, 2021 | 02:50
Unzip AtlanticaGXC with your preferred application (WinRar recommended: -> if possible try to unzip it in C: o Partition where you have your Operating System installed, or go directly to x86 Program Files and unzip it in said directory, once unzipped do not enter the game folder, first go to your Antivirus and enter the exclusions area and put an exclusion to the AtlanticaGXC folder since the game is encrypted and protected against hackers and their The code is not readable and cannot be read or monitored by the Antivirus and this results in a sentence of a False Positive of the antivirus, the game is 100% guaranteed free of viruses but this is normal for the antivirus to declare executable as contaminated with virus when they cannot read your code properly assuming that said executable is suspicious, once you add the exclusion to the Game Folder now if you can enter said Folder ta and create a shortcut to the AtlanticaRun desktop, now start the game and go to Settings and select the boxes that correspond to your system and your taste, you can also select a different language, for now only 3 languages ​​are supported (Spanish, English and Portuguese) more languages ​​will be added later, now just click the Start Game button and voila, have fun!

By Triacman (Administrator)
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